I believe in EQUALITY for all people, regardless of their gender, race, sexuality, spiritual belief, or physicality.  I believe theatre can be a form of service.

As an artist, I hope to always

 Speak Out, Raise Awareness

 and Connect People.



Rock music has always been a part of me.  Throughout my life while pursuing theatre, I've always  been in bands: entertainment/wedding/cruise ship bands, acoustic duos, cover bands (I once was in an 80s cover band called "Dead Cat One Snap"...yup.)  I even had my own cover band for a while called Erin & The International Band, and that was a lot of fun.  


Now, I am currently writing my own pop/rock music.  I am prepping/aiming for a first performance early December.  More info TBA...but exciting stuff.



  I have a love and appreciation for that Old-Hollywood Glamour  .The women were sassy and strong, and my "old soul" connects with that golden era.



I embrace the feminine & masculine in both myself and the characters I play.  I have enjoyed playing male roles in the past because it gives me the chance to explore this duality.  I love multi-dimensional characters, and believe that nothing, including gender and sexuality, is "black & white". 



 I am your quintessential Pisces....Emotional, Perceptive, Dreamy, Adventurous, and Artistic <3

© 2016 by Erin Maya. All rights reserved.

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